Wednesday, February 16, 2005



There is a Memorial Fund set up for him and I think we should collect something for his family at the next pizza event.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a great Idea, I will contribute. I had a feeling that was a cacher but wasn't sure who It could be. I still wonder why the cops would be chasing someone over 100 mph In downtown Medford!

blazerfan said...

The whole chase thing has me puzzled as well. I haven't heard much about it... there has to be some explanation for it, but no matter the explanation two people are dead and three children are left without a father.

LazyBoy said...

Kid had twice the legal limit of alcohal and had a suspended drivers license to boot. What should the cops do? Let the drunks speed around town?

I'm glad the little shit is dead, saves me some tax money. All this sympathy for a E freak (know his classmates) and not enough for the fatherless children.

blazerfan said...

Oh I have no sympathy for that little drunk bastard or his parents who seem to blame everyone but their kid and themselves for what happend. In today's lawsuit society there is always someone else to blame.