Saturday, February 26, 2005

Roxy revisited

I got off my lazy butt today and hiked up Roxy. I wasn't the only geocacher up there, I ran into Peanuthead on the trip. Found 7 caches on the day

Roxy View - the other side of the mountain
Roxy has a nice Backside
Riddle 7 Roxy
Get Your Butt Back Up Here Peanuthead
On the way up
Come and get it Lazyboy
Screwed Tight

Screwed Tight was the only one not on Roxy. It was an interesting hide. I also stopped to check out my adopted cache Roxy. I had considered taking the logbook out to scan it, but I decided to leave it. I took this picture at the top.

It was an especially nice day for February. Didn't need a coat, but it did get a little windy. Saw some guys at the top climbing the big pine trees with ropes... that was interesting. Over all it was a pretty fun day.

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