Friday, February 11, 2005


Should there be a National Geocaching Organization? There is a thread or two in the forums talking about a recent decission in Oregon to ban geocaching in the Badlands area near Bend. I'm not familiar with the area but anytime geocaching is banned can't be a good thing. The idea of a national organization for geocachers was brought up... such an organization would help to protect our rights to use public lands which is good for everyone who enjoys the outdoors. I don't post often... I try to stay out of the chaos especially... but I did put my 2 cents in this time

Geocaching has grown a lot since I started... it was probably better before it was so popular, but there is no going back now. I've often wondered since I started how long it would last... is it a fad or will it be a popular pastime?

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LazyBoy said...

Yes it was better before it got popular but it's still fun. Now why aren't there any new caches for me to find tomorrow?

Slacker ;)

Thanks for helping with that cache, sadly it's on the wrong island. Go figure, it showed up on a query for Maui because it's in the middle of the channel.