Thursday, June 29, 2006

Big draft day

Well the Trail Blazers had a big draft day making 6 trades. To start the blazers had picks 4, 30 and 31.

Trade 1:
Sebastian Telfair and Theo Ratlif to Boston for pick #7, Raef LeFrentz, and Dan Dickau

Trade 2:
Pick #4 and Viktor Kryapa to Chicago for pick #2

Trade 3:
Traded pick #7 and cash to Minnesota for pick #6

Trade 4:
Aquired pick 27 from Phoenix for cash

Trade 5:
Traded pick 31 to Indiana for pick 45 and 2 future second round picks

Trade 6:
Traded pick 45 to Memphis for a future second round pick

Ok after that confusion they ended up with 4 first round choices
#2 LaMarcus Aldridge
#6 Brandon Roy
#27 Sergio Rodriguez
#30 Joel Freeland

Those last two are foreign players that may spend the next couple of seasons playing in Europe. Aldridge and Roy were big draft prospects and I was excited to get both of them. Many fans wanted Adam Morrison... I would have been ok with him or Roy. But to get 2 of the top choices was big for us. Of course only time will tell if all of the moves they made will pay off, but it should be fun to watch these guys for a few years. Once the season schedule comes out I'll have to see what games I can go to.

Monday, June 26, 2006


I have been informed that one of my geocoins just sold on eBay for $43.89

Not bad
... wish I was making the profit


Oregon State just won the College World Series. It was a pretty exciting series and really nice to see OSU win something so big. Lets face it Oregon State had been the bottom of the Pac-10 for a lot of years so I think its great that they have really built up the athletic programs. As an alum it makes bragging about your school a lot easier :)

I have to be honest though... while I took in several football games... I never went to a baseball game while I was there. I heard a few games though... you can hear the slap of an aluminum bat a long ways away.

Dang its hot

Well I managed one cache over the weekend.

Dead Ends! Happy 60th Lazyboy

A nice enough cache in a neat area, but it was too hot to really look around. Plus with all the weeds I could just see my car starting a fire when I drove out there. Yesterday it was just over 103 and Saturday it probably peaked at 102... which is pretty hot in my book. Thats the kind of weather that makes uncle Duck fly to the coast each summer. So my quest for 1000 finds will have to wait for things to cool down a bit.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Well... the forums of are back up. Everyone will have to register again as the whole thing was lost. I'm still working on the photo gallery which probably didn't have to be removed, but I did anyway. It should be easy enough to get it all restored. Probably the hardest part was to figure out the funky color scheme I had come up with... I experimented with new colors, but ended up finding a way to put it back to almost original.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Lots of problems today with the Southern Oregon Geocachers website. In fact I have no clue why I just linked to it because my web host has shut it down for excessive CPU usage. A new forum post this morning seems to be corrupted or something causing multiple open processes which have been consuming server resources... since I could not reach the post I could not delete it. I was about to delete all of the posts in that particular forum, but the site is now unreachable.

So I'll probably have to delete the forum for them to reativate my site. I did make a database backup... but it would include the problemed post. I'll see what I can come up with.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

One down...

Only got one cache today

O'Brien Creek Cache

It was a nice day for hiking and this cache was about a mile up O'Brien creek. I'm in pretty sorry shape so I had to stop and rest a couple times as the trail is mostly up hill. We also tried to find Dead Ends! Its Miller Time! but a bridge about 5 miles short of the parking spot had washed out. Wading the creek and walking an extra 10 miles wasn't in the plans for the day. I looked at some airial photos and didn't see any other roads... but I saw one "might be a road" may be worth checking out.

Saturday, June 17, 2006


I had grand plans today of going to Medford and not stopping till I found 43 caches to put me at 999 so I could be ready for the big 1k tomorrow. The day started out with me wanting to sleep in. Then I got up and found a new email about my 10 year class reunion... they sent a list of who hadn't been contacted at it was over half the class I bet (I don't think they searched very hard) anyway I suppose I could have responded later, but I went through the list and decided who I could contact for them. Then my dad called and asked me to bring him some clamps because he just bought a new canopy for his truck at a yard sale... anyway after all that I went caching.

4 of the first 7 caches I searched for where no finds for one reason or another... not a good start. I ended with 12 and decided to go to the bookstore and then to buy my dad a fathers day gift. Might try it again tomorrow. Finds for the day included

Fire and Water
Ben Hur Two
Old Stage Turn
Stack 'em Up
Going up?
Friendly Friends
Dead End Street
Opposite a Lighthouse
Abraham Lincoln Wetlands
Popular Place

Now just 32 caches from 1000

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Well after skipping two months there is finally a pizza event in GP July 1

Josiah Smokeater Pizza Party

Should be a fun time

Saturday, June 10, 2006


Well I made some big changes to the Southern Oregon Geocachers website. There is now a photo gallery so that users can upload their own pictures. The front page again has random pictures and now includes upcoming Oregon event caches. I'm not so sure that I like the new buttons and such I made for the page... but I never really liked the last ones either.

I'm still 44 caches from 1000.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

A few more

Well I got a bit closer to my 1000th find by picking up 14 today. That leaves me with just 44 to find. We decided to do the Riddlers' Cow Creek run caches. We missed #7 as we searched high and low for it. We were still able to find the final cache though. Here are the finds for the day

Cow Creek Run 1
Cow Creek Run 2
Cow Creek Run 3
Cow Creek Run 4
Cow Creek Run 5
Cow Creek Run 6
Cow Creek Run 8
Cow Creek Run 9
Cow Creek Run 10
Cow Creek Run Final
Back Country Byway
Cow Creek Spawning Beds
Pioneer Graves