Sunday, May 26, 2013

Grants Pass Food Carts 2.0

I've been preparing for this post for a while. As I wrote last year GP is now home to a few food carts. The main one being Sàigòn Xích lô. This cart caused some controversy and brought more carts with it. The city council ended up changing the rules a bit. Carts can no longer park on the street so they have to rent a spot on private property.

Sàigòn Xích lô is still going and now parked at the corner of 7th and D. Some of the other carts I mentioned last year have disappeared, but this year brings more carts and the new "cart pod". The pod is at the corner of 6th and K and has 4 carts.

Taste of Alaska:

This cart was around last year. I've gotten a chance to try his WTF burger. Its kind of like a hot pocket. Other items on the menu include sushi made with pickled fish, King Crab chowder, and fish tacos.

Flor de IZOTE:

This cart has Salvadorian and Mexican food. I tried a burrito and it was pretty good. I imagine the rest of the menu is pretty good as well.

Your Wingman:

This cart of course sells chicken wings... and I love chicken wings. Lots of flavors to choose from. I'll have to try a few more before I decide which is the best.


I haven't tried this cart yet. I've heard good things about the hamburgers. They also have sub sandwiches, and it seems like they have some other Italian food. I'll give it a try soon if I can.

If anyone knows of other food carts in the area let me know. I should have all sorts of time to check them out.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Washington and back

Well a lot has gone on over the last few days. May 15th was my last day with the bank after over 10 years. So I've been unemployed just over a week. On Tuesday I made the drive up to Burlington, Washington to talk to a small bank about a potential position. I spent Wednesday talking to people at the bank and exploring the area, and on Thursday I drove back.

You shouldn't take pictures when you drive

Thursday also happened to be the day that the bridge on I-5 between Mt. Vernon and Burlington collapsed. As it just happened to work out, because I stayed in Mt Vernon I never actually crossed the bridge on this portion of I-5 because I used the bridge that now acts as a detour. It is a miracle that no one was killed.

The job itself sounded perfect. The town and location were pretty nice. But it is a long ways from family. I'd have to rent my house which would probably mean spending some money to fix up the yard, and buy a new dishwasher.

Maybe the bridge collapse is an ominous sign.

Well anyway no matter what I decide to do what really matters for this blog is that I did take the time to find a few caches.

Road Rage #3
Scatter Creek Rest Stop
Burlington Bootcamp

Just a couple rest area caches and an easy one in Burlington. I think that each one extended my furthest north cache. It was raining for a lot of the trip or I could have grabbed a lot more. That would be one thing about moving north... lots of new caching territory.

Since it was raining and I've wanted a good one fore a while, I stopped at Cabela's and got a new rain jacket. I went with tan

I also took a side trip out to Deception Pass. This bridge should last for a while.

Monday, May 06, 2013

A wigwag?

Leave it to Peanuthead to teach me something new

I was looking at caches in downtown Medford and saw this one


A Wigwag it seems is what they call those old fashion rail road crossing signs that flash and swing when a train comes. I remember one being in the Hugo area. It seems that only 44 of them are left in the country. The ones that exist are grandfathered in as they quit installing them in 1949. Once they can't fix it anymore this one will be gone as well. Just more proof that geocaching isn't always about the find.