Tuesday, April 28, 2009

An interesting event

This Friday I am off to Las Vegas again. I decided not to pursue any geocaching adventures this time, but I'll take my GPS and maybe find a cache or two if I feel like it.

One cache I did notice was this event

WWFM V (Las Vegas)- Pirate's Booty

It is a flash mob event... the idea is to hang out and look like an average tourist and then all at once come together in a big group. I've never seen such a thing, but it is popular in some areas. Since I will be in town I'll probably try to attend. Depends on if I can wake up that early.

There are several caches along the strip. The main cache I have yet to get is the Welcome to Las Vegas sign virtual... there is also a regular cache there now... two caches in one stop. We are always either in a hurry going in or too tired on the way out to stop. If I went there with other geocachers it would be different. Maybe someone at the event will take the time to go with me.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

March of Dimes

Today was the big March of Dimes walk. Our team raised nearly $6000 and I raised $742. As it turned out I was not the #1 fund raiser on the team. I was beat in the last week by my coworker Megan. Her daughter was born 10 weeks early and is the reason many of us at the bank have adopted March of Dimes. Looking at her today you could never tell.

I was pleasantly surprised at the generosity of some people. I hope I wasn't too pushy... if so maybe I'll try new tactics for next year.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Check this out

With this service you can get hints and log finds by text from your phone. Some of you might already know about this but it was all new to me.

Check out this link for details on how to set it up. It was really easy.

I already had it send me a hint (very fast) maybe this weekend after the March of Dimes walk I can try it out in the field. I have been to a lot of caches where this would never work, but for around town it looks like a nice feature.

I am still collecting funds for March of Dimes. It is not too late to donate


Sunday, April 05, 2009

Two sunny spring days

Today and yesterday were both very nice spring days. A good chance to get out and find those caches I had been saving up. It feels good to walk around without a coat. My legs are sore and my neck feels slightly sunburned, but it is a good feeling.

Despite the good weather today and yesterday are completely different as far as geocaching goes. Yesterday I found 43 caches, mostly drive up micros. Today I found 2 caches after hiking up a steep mountain road. It just goes to show that there are caches of all kinds... you can look for whatever you want.

So yesterday I woke up and looked out my window. It was already sunny and warming up. I looked at the caches I needed in the area and I called up Uncle Duck, I knew he would be up to going along even though he had all but two of them. We covered the north part of Grants Pass, up to Hugo, and then back. I needed 56 caches to reach 1800 finds and that was a very reachable number, but I got tired and decided to call it a day. I didn't count as I went along, but in the end I had 43. These were the finds

City Folk
What Street #3
Ogle again
Healing Help
Old Airport
New Nano
Traffic Watch
Stick in the Mud
Coordinate Setting 101
What Street # 4
Sparrow 2 The Saga Continues
Pin Up ( Or Hubba Hubba)
Quick and Easy
Buck Brush 2 "More Bang For Your Buck"
Dead Antlers
Clip Job
Patrolled or Paroled?
Power to the People
"Duck" Laid an Egg
R U Tired of Caching
I Luv I-5
Sticks and Potholes
Uno Again?
Holy Moley
Get after it time's a flying
Hole in None
Future Park
Everyday Goodness
Wagner Meadows

Today I woke up and looked out the window at another nice sunny day. I was just looking at caches when I got a phone call. It was Daveydude asking if I had seen a pair of new geocaches in Gold Hill from the Lost Patrol. To be honest I had not noticed them yet. I don't often look for new caches. These two caches were up Nugget Butte on the North side of Gold Hill. I met Dave at the post office downtown and I stopped at the market for lunch to pack up with me (some very healthy corn dogs, but despite Dave's claims no soda for me). We took the hike slow, and stopped often. As the first good hike of the spring I was winded quickly. The first cache Not There Yet was near the top at a set of towers. A half mile beyond Nugget Butte was a pretty easy hike after making it up that far. The road is steap in places, but these caches are easily reachable if you take your time. On the way back down we exchanged a few stories of caches past and decided to call it a day.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Backlog - March 28

I'm not sure why I can't seem to remember to do same day blogs anymore. Oh well the events in this blog happened on March 28 which was the day of the big pizza event Arthur's Round Table. Our Southern Oregon events are getting larger. We completley filled the back room much like we did at Tubby's the month before. Perhaps as the weather gets nicer we will have a couple of events outside in a park somewhere. I probably won't do another back yard BBQ event this year... just too many people for my yard and deck to handle.

Just before the event I pulled up on a crew finding Pizza Power which I promptly took from them and signed.

After the event Kelly showed us some of his new caches and I found a couple more with GlenMart. These included

Pucker up!!
Where Is Ashley?

After finding those I decided to go over to the library and find

Free Wifi 2
Oregon Reads -- Medford area

Free Wifi 2 is an old Lazyboy cache from the days before his break from caching. I'm not sure why I hadn't found it yet. Very easy. The Oregon Reads cache is a very odd one. They put out a series of these in Jackson county as events since they were suppose to be temporary. Now they are regular caches, but the coords of this one were off by nearly a tenth of a mile. Since most libraries in the county already have a cache nearby I think they might have spoofed the coords to get them approved. That is just a guess because the coords were just not close.

I finished the day by finding a couple in the parking lot of the rogue valley mall