Friday, March 31, 2006


Took today off of work to drive to Bend for Sylvester's Fool-a-Palooza tomorrow. SallyC and I had a hard time finding many caches as most of them on the way were snowbound. Did manage a few finds.

Aspen Cove
Don't fence me in
Senior Moment
Run Chipmunk, Run!
A Brush -o- Fate
Joe had to go

We'll probably find a few more tomorrow before the event tomorrow. We'll be doing a bit of driving to grab different sections for the Oregon DeLorme Challenge.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

3 years and counting

Yesterday was Pizza XXXVII and it was a good time. Lots of cachers in attendance from all over... Cresent City, Prineville, McMinville were all represented. Before the event SallyC and I found some caches and she hid one. We also went to a record show at the fairgrounds (I guess we won't have events like that when they tear it all down.) I bought a few LPs and one 45... probably lucky I didn't find more. While we did visit several caches only one of them was a cache I hadn't previously found.

In Joy (2000 and counting)

Not sure why I hadn't found it before but it was a good one placed in honor of Iseek & Eyeseek2's 2000th find.

Well today is the 3rd aniversary of my first Geocache. While I had signed up for an account months earlier I still had no GPS and no finds. But on this day after work I decided to go and look for BDC's State Quarter Cache. Found it without a GPS and I was hooked. So today to celebrate I went after 3 caches... which for some reason were still unfound so I got 3 FTF's.

#1 A View of Old Joe
#2 A cache to get you near the top
A View From the Rock

Monday, March 20, 2006

A walk in the park

Yesterday I decided to go have a look for a couple of caches Sally hid in Tom Pearce Park. I found the first cache

Choosy Moms Choose Caching

but I couldn't find The Pits. It may have been cleaned out or raked over with pine needles.

It was still a nice day for caching. I decided not to pay the $2 parking fee as half the park is still not open.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Caching and Poker

Went to find Sally's newest caches today as they were still unfound after a couple weeks... but Duck and Biggieet_al beat me to them this morning.

Mmm... chocolate...
Fruity River Trail

Later in the afternoon I went to play some poker. I usually play limit games, but this time we were playing all in single table tournament style (like you see on TV.) I've never played a live game like that before and I struggled at it... probably played a few too many hands and wasn't aggressive enough with good hands. Only the top 2 spots payed and the best I did was 3rd. Guess I need to improve a bit before I quit my job to become a professional poker player.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Got my new laptop today and am posting this via wireless internet. So far I like it quite a bit. Should really prove its worth when we take off to Bend at the end of the month.

As for the trip to Bend I sure hope it decides to be spring and not snow on us.

Sure enough I shouldn't have mentioned the blazers in my last post. They stunk so bad you can smell it from Chicago.

Monday, March 13, 2006

One more day

My laptop should be delivered tomorrow if the UPS website is correct. I might get the car power adapter today... that should be useful. Not sure that I want the whole setup with the map going as I drive, but it will at least be a posability now.

In another rare highlight the Blazers beat the Suns last night 111-101. Not sure that I should mention it as the last time I wrote about the blazers they decided to lose the next 4 games. This will be the third year without going to the playoffs... they had made the playoffs the previous 21 seasons so we were kind of spoiled as fans.

I'm still 129 caches from 1000

Friday, March 10, 2006

New toy

Well to help with future geocaching trips I bought myself a new laptop. I ordered it from Dell and I hope it gets here soon. At the end of the month Sally and I are planning to go to Bend so it should be helpful there. Things are pretty quiet otherwise... might have to think about some caching tomorrow.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Hill Climbing

Today SallyC and I took on the new caches at Cathedral Hills. Despite some rain early it was nice and dry for our hike. My finds for the day included

Stumpy's Toupee
Crossroads Too
Another View

There are now 10 caches in Cathedral Hills park most of which I had found before... today we found them all except for Cathedral Hills #2 which is Drdan's newest... we didn't get around to it as we were losing daylight. Have to go back another day here pretty soon and have a look for it.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Did I mention I need just 132 more caches to reach 1000?

In a rare highlight this season the Blazers beat the Lakers tonight 99-93. Some of the best Blazer games ever have been against the lakers... I've got to see a couple of them in person