Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Keeping it Real in the City of Weird

I'm one month into my new job and one month of living in Portland. So far its been fun. I think I fit well into my new job, but I have a lot of projects to start and I've been waiting on vender quotes and to be able to discuss things with management. Honestly I'd like to be much further ahead. I want to get things purchased and get started.

As for the city I've had some opportunity to explore downtown a bit the last couple of weekends due to the nice weather. I went to the Saturday Market, and tried a couple of food carts. I'm a big fan of the Max light rail to get around. Part of that is because on nice days its not a bad walk, I doubt I ride it as much in the rain.

The first food cart I tried was Iraqi, Saaj Baghdad. I had a lamb shish kabob with Iraqi style bread. It was pretty good. Not sure its my usual thing, but was a good change.

Next I tried Romanian, Delicios - Taste of Transylvania. I had these sausage like things called mici and fries. It was great. I am going back here again. I'm a picky eater and I didn't see much on their menu that didn't look good. It is hard to eat mici with a plastic fork though.

We're one week from the start of the NBA season, and I do have tickets to the Blazers home opener. I hope to get a little more city exploring in... especially the food carts.

I have looked for just one geocache (3 times) I don't know why I can't find it. Maybe I'll get around to a few one of these days.