Monday, May 26, 2008

The Caches and People of GeoWoodstock

Well unlike some at GeoWoodstock I only found a handful of caches each day. 10 on Friday, 9 on Saturday, and 6 on Sunday including the events. The whole event was well organized... they had booths, drawings, seminars, travel bugs organized, and the food was good (they even had fortune cookies with geo-fortunes). My only suggestion would have been to have an area for trading geocoins and signature items. I packed my geocoins a long way just to end up trading 1 and coming back with 4 others... so instead of shrinking my collection it grew.

Thanks to IceCreamMan (the author of Serial Finder), Mauison, LoriDarlin, and Allanon my geocoin trading friends of old for the new coins.

It was also fun to meet YahotsWalker, RetiredProf, and 2Dee2Dee who are all finders of the Oregon DeLorme Challenge.

I met several Oregon cachers for the first time at this event. Sad to have to drive that for South to meet people from the North. Of course I saw a lot of cachers I knew as well. When reading through the logs its also amazing how many I missed seeing... I was literally there for 9 hours walking around so how did I miss so many people?

These were the finds for the weekend

Last Chance to hate I-5
Barrier to Nowhere
You Call, We Haul !
Seven Iron
Hollar Fore
Hottest place on Earth
Friday Night Meet & Greet
Yuba City Park Cache #13 Clark Ave Waypoint

GeoWoodstock VI
Official GeoWoodstock VI Cache
My Little Pumpkin Cache
Pumpkin Head
Guido's Cactus Patch Cache
Guido's 1st & E Pole cache
Eye Level and Shiney
Angels in the Outfield
Mr. Electric Goes to Wheatland

colusa memorial park
All Geared Up
Sofa Dads

One more person to mention. It was especially nice of Cosmiccowgirl of the Hardings to stop and say hi and admit that she reads my blog... I knew I had readers I just knew it :)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

GeoWoodstock VI

This was a great event. I met a lot of cachers... I specifically sought out a few and was able to find most of them. Geocoin trading partners of old, Oregon DeLorme challenge finders, and even blog readers. Was great to see everyone and put faces to names I often only saw in forums.

Wouldn't Lazyboy be jealous?

Look who I met... Jeremy is a pretty nice guy

Friday, May 23, 2008

Off to GeoWoodstock

I have not found a cache since my trip to Las Vegas so hopefully my trip to GeoWoodstock will light a spark under me to find a few. I should be in Yuba City tonight and might even make the Friday meet and greet event. Hope to see a few of my readers there.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Las Vegas

This last weekend I spent in Las Vegas. I had a nice time and lost a lot of money. My one good win was that I took 5th place out of 43 in a poker tournament. Other then that I was down on my luck most of the weekend.

Since it wasn't too hot I was able to find a few of the vituals on the strip. I left myself a few for next time. My finds for the weekend were

Eiffel Tower
Toga Party
MM MM Good