Sunday, March 30, 2008

How I love this Spring time weather!

Today was a unique experience because I witnessed a rare weather phenomenon. It was bright and sunny... and snowing. How on earth can the sun shine while its snowing? Oh my how funny the weather can be in early Spring.

Well my Uncle talked me into going caching today and I ended up with 32 finds, and just one no find. We were stumped by Double Stump but otherwise had good luck. I found an intact Grants Pass Coca-Cola bottle near one cache... that pretty much made my day. I also reached the 1400 finds mark. Here were the finds on the day:

Start on Colonial Valley
Tiny Waterfall
Pretty Little Walk
No Hunting
Seen Better Days
Equine Footwear
Colonial Golf
Numbers Builder
Tree Wart
Nasty Nano
Bank on It or Vice Versa
Rock !!!!!!!
Old Post
Arf, Arf
I'm Blue
Little Fir
Cedar and Fir
Giant Ponderosa
Jumpin Off With Joe
Pastor ized
Sign to Assemble
Grape Patch
Freeway View
Drie Dennen
Four or More

Here is a picture of my coke bottle, and one of Duck and Iseeks looking at Duck's new PDA

Monday, March 24, 2008

A non geocaching weekend

Despite having a bit of nice weather I decided to do some work around the house rather then go geocaching. I imagine this home owning stuff will get in the way often. I ended up trimming the hedge in my yard, cutting down some big bushes, and pulling up a lot of vines.

Starting yesterday my old deck is being torn down... and will soon start construction on a new one. Now my backyard and front yard are a mess. I'm not sure exactly what the new deck will look like yet, but it should be nice.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Grabbing some new caches

Today I found a few caches that were approved just after last weeks event. I'm not sure why they weren't approved before the event but I guess it gave me a few to find this weekend. These were the finds on the day

Guiding Light
Park Here Too
Power to Walk

Saturday, March 15, 2008

13 Minute Mile

Sorry about my delay in reporting on my mile run progress. First the run was scheduled for Thursday, but I had to cancel because my brother had a birthday party that I spaced out on. I was accused of delay tactics. So we rescheduled for Friday and it was cold and rainy, but we decided it would be a rain or shine event. This was a big deal at work. We probably had 20 people plus spouses come down to watch us run.

I clipped off my first lap in good time, but when I turned the corner of lap two my poor left calf just decided to seize up on me. I tried to stretch it out, but I was already done for... I walked the corners and tried jogging the straightaways best I could for a time of 12:55. Even if my calf was alright I think one more lap and I would have been too winded to run anymore. Kyle who was my running partner on this day finished in just over 8 minutes... of course he's 20 and runs on his treadmill occasionally. He still did very well for someone who never ran like that before. I was impressed.

So I have set a goal for myself... I want to be able to run a 6 minute mile again. Over the next few weeks I plan to work my way back into running. Hopefully soon I'll be able to run that 9 minute mile and work my way down from there. I've already told Kyle my plans to hold another Big Run event and he is in for it... we also inspired a couple of others to give it a try. So I'll try to keep everyone up to date on my progress.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

9 Minute Mile

This is off topic of geocaching, but then again I don't post as much ever since I decided to keep the topic on geocaching. So you'll probably see a few more odd blogs tossed in this year.

Anyway yesterday somehow the topic of jogging came up. My boss asks me is I thought I could jog a mile... so I said "yeah I think I can". Well that led him to bet me that I couldn't. So he set a time limit of 9 minutes. I can run, walk, jog whatever but I have to complete 4 laps at the GPHS track in 9 minutes. Its one of the more interesting bets I've ever made. Back in my High School Track and Cross Country days I could have done it without thinking. But that was 12 years and 50 pounds ago. So I'll be attempting this tomorrow... I'll let everyone know how it goes if I live through it.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A couple more

Well a lot of caches were finally approved today so I was able to log the last 2 I found on Sunday

A_CORNy Cache #2

That made 9 for the day. There are now quite a few local caches to be found again. I'll have to scope them out and make sure they meet my new "non-residential" requirment.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Cachin' with the Beav and the Peanut

Today was the Time to Surface event and as always it was a fun time seeing everyone. After the event I invited myself to go along with Beaver Lover and Peanuthead to find a few caches. We drove all around Grants Pass and found many. I have no clue how many I found as some have yet to be approved, but were available as print outs at the event. I helped them find a few that they had trouble finding in the past and it was a good time. My list of approved finds looks something like this for the moment

Brothers Three
Tree Pocket Two
Way Up There

Monday, March 03, 2008


Well I sat around all weekend and didn't do a single thing. the closest to being productive I got was that I cleaned the stove in my kitchen.

I'm beginning a plan of attack for some caches to get closer to the "Well Rounded Cacher" challenge. There aren't many high terrain and difficulty caches around here. There is a 5/5 down the river called Just Clowning Around. It would require rafting... or hiking with a swim across the river. Tom Fuller was able to find it cutting cross country from a BLM road. Personally that rafting trip is probably a little out of my league... and I'm not a very good swimmer. So that leaves the final option, but less then a month after Tom's find James Kim got lost in the same area and who knows if the gate is open now or not. There is still quite a bit of snow in the hills so it won't be worth exploring the idea for a while. It is on the "to do" list though.

It will take some real planning to get some of these...