Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Backlog - June 7

For this backlog we go all the way back to June 7th. My Dad was off on a fishing trip so my Mom and Sister hatched this idea of going to Reno. I decided to tag along... when do I ever pass up an opportunity to visit casinos?

On the way there I found a few caches including #1800

Shasta Vista
Big Sign 89
Goat Fire
Don't Bug Me
Welcome to Nevada (or California)
Cinema Nevada

The last cache on the list was a puzzle that I found on accident.

This was my second trip to Reno. As an older and more experienced gambler it was a totally different experience then the last trip. Last time I was there the machines dropped coin, but all I saw this time were new modern machines that took bills. That was disapointing.

Monday, June 29, 2009

What! me geocaching?

Friday night I got a call from Daveydude. I think he had called everyone else and was desperate for someone to go with him. Reluctantly I agreed to go geocaching the next morning at 7am!!!

So the next morning I got my lazy ass out of bed went down to McD's for a sausage egg biscuit... with cheese. Just something to sit in my gut a while and remind me why I sleep in on Saturdays. They are oh so tasty though. So I met up with Dave and we took his new geo-rig up Spencer creek.

There are a few new caches out there and only one of the old... boxerlover's Tie One On. Dave posted a DNF and the Boxer's archived it. It is probably there someplace, but it is very overgrown. I got a pretty good cut across my shin pushing my way through the brush and downed trees on the old road. We also made a mistake of splitting up... I took the old road and Dave cut up the hill. Then I heard him yell something I thought sounded like "I found it" so I sat around and waited... after waiting a while I thought he might have cut through the woods back to the car so I went back and he wasn't there... so I went back down the old road and started yelling for him. Eventually he yelled back and I learned he had been searching that whole time and hadn't found it. By that time we were both beat up and needed to look for easier caches.

We found 6 on the day... mostly easy enough

Mossy Waterfall
Hounds Rockpile
Nice park job honey.
Yo Adriene.
Wind in the trees

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Trail Blazers

No Geocaching for me this weekend. I did however get to meet 2 Trail Blazer dancers and Clyde Drexler this weekend at seperate events. The blazer dancers were signing posters at NAPA Autoparts on Friday. My coworker heard about it on the radio and told me to go down there so I did. They were very nice and posed for a couple of pictures and signed a poster.

Clyde was signing autographs at Lee's Mini Storage on Saturday. I guess the owner is a long time blazer fan himself and met Clyde when they traveled to the Basketball HOF to see Clyde inducted. The owner of this place had a lot of signed Drexler items in his office. So I don't know how he convinced Clyde to come down and sign autographs but I was glad he did. I waited in line for 4 hours. I had him sign a poster, and I took this picture of him signing a basketball.

Monday, June 15, 2009

An old cache

I have been neglecting my blog for too long. I can't believe I skipped a whole month. In the next few days I will backlog the events of the last month.

This weekend I went to Albany to visit. I didn't even take my GPS. I just haven't felt like geocaching lately, but I hope to get out a bit more in the next few weeks before the really hot weather strikes.

I did manage to find one cache. A webcam

Smile Your'e on Candid Camera II

I have been all but ignoring this cache for 6 years. I have driven by this one so many times. This day I just decided to stop and make the call.