Sunday, June 21, 2009

Trail Blazers

No Geocaching for me this weekend. I did however get to meet 2 Trail Blazer dancers and Clyde Drexler this weekend at seperate events. The blazer dancers were signing posters at NAPA Autoparts on Friday. My coworker heard about it on the radio and told me to go down there so I did. They were very nice and posed for a couple of pictures and signed a poster.

Clyde was signing autographs at Lee's Mini Storage on Saturday. I guess the owner is a long time blazer fan himself and met Clyde when they traveled to the Basketball HOF to see Clyde inducted. The owner of this place had a lot of signed Drexler items in his office. So I don't know how he convinced Clyde to come down and sign autographs but I was glad he did. I waited in line for 4 hours. I had him sign a poster, and I took this picture of him signing a basketball.

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Grumpy Bastard said...

Just an aside here. I trained one of the dancers a couple of years ago. A tiny oriental girl that's the girl that gets thrown up about 30 feet in the air. Very cute and very sweet. She took to scuba like a fish.