Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Busy times... and an upcoming event

Had a major system conversion at work this weekend. I can finally breath easy for a bit. Worked a lot of extra hours and a holiday. Seems to be going well. Getting this final step out of the way should mean more free time for geocaching.

Besides the Roseburg event in my last blog the annual Coos Bay event is coming up

"Cache the Coast" - Wintertime Fun-1 #5

This is always a fun one and I hope to attend again.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Discover Roseburg

Daveydude mentioned this event cache to me today

Discover Roseburg

They give you a passport and you visit spots around town. It sounds like lots of fun and unless I-5 is closed by snow I'll try to attend.

They had something a lot like this in Salt Lake City for Geocoinfest (which I thought about attending but ended up in Las Vegas instead.) They hid caches along the light rail line and you had a passport to complete.

Last year I planned to do something a lot like this. I bought a bunch of rubber stamps to prepare a "Southern Oregon Passport" series. I think the main reason I didn't complete it was because I was torn between making the caches difficult (nothing I hide is very hard, but I'm talking "hiking required") or making the caches easy so that more people would find it. I still have the stamps and containers so maybe this will still happen.