Saturday, April 30, 2005


My coin on eBay sold for $31... I'm sure the Korean factory worker who lifted it is happy. Personally I'm honored knowing that someone would want one of my coins that much. Funny that the first couple I left in the wild sat for a few days.

Went and found The Noisy Hawthorn Bush which was a fun cache. I was the FTF but Biggieet_al was just behind me pulling in as I walked out. The cache lived up to its name as its just off the freeway and was a pretty noisy place, but a nice area for a cache really.

Friday, April 29, 2005


My coin is selling for $21 right now and will end later today. I'll be disapointed if it doesn't go up... I've seen an Oregon Geocoin sell for $30.

I'm seriously considering putting some of my extra geocoins on ebay to see how they do... I have about 13 different coins with more on the way... I think I might put them in a single lot and offer bonuses if the bidding reaches specific amounts... maybe even throw one of my coins in as a bonus (I'm not technically selling it if its a bonus right?)

Lots of new caches around the county to find this weekend... some look to be kind of hard to find. We'll see if I get off my lazy butt to find any of them.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Official Explanation

I wrote to KVcoins to see what was up with my coin being on eBay. This was the response.

Hi Jason, I apologize for this. It is in fact a production test coin. I will contact our factory manager and make him aware of this. What I think happened is one of his employees took this coin and put up for sale. I will ask him to send all of the test coins for you order to us.

Thanks! Rick

So now I wonder just how many "test" coins there are and how many did this guy get a hold of... I had 100 made and I had one test sent to me... this coin on eBay makes 102 but how many are there really?

I'd still recommend KV for coins though... they do good work for a pretty good price.

Monday, April 25, 2005


My geocoin is now selling for $15. Wish I was the one making the profit. Since they have the geocaching logo on them I had to promise never to sell them. I wonder if that includes letting a few go at cost?

Speaking of profit I luckily got my tickets for Paul McCartney. They went on sale to the public at 10am on Saturday and were on sale about 4 hours on Friday to those who had a special password. I bought my tickets at 10:12 or so and the best tickets available were way up in the 300 sections. It was soon sold out and I notice a lot of tickets are already on eBay. It seems to be perfectly legal to buy and scalp tickets on eBay. I wonder why all those scalpers outside of the Rose Garden all the time don't take this legal route... if there was wireless internet outside of the arena you could simply send people to your auctions with the "buy it now" option and sell your tickets perfectly legal (maybe.)

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Geocoin for sale

One of my geocoins is for sale on eBay. Sad part is I'm not selling it... some guy in South Korea is. It appears that he sells many coins... I heard that an un-numbered vacman coin surfaced like this... I think KVcoins must have their coins made in Korea and these are test coins eventually sold off... its still pretty odd.

Rain and Shine

Today a friend and I went geocaching... I was introducing her to the sport and I think it made a fair impression. I don't think she is totally converted yet. I had been saving some caches down the river for a rainy day... and today lived up to it. It started raining just as we went to go and was on and off the whole trip, but quit when we did. We found 5 caches on the day

Apple for the Teacher
Almost Perfect
Hanging out in Hell
"We Love You Mom"
Will this be enough?

We also took a stab at Standing at the Gates of Hell which we got to within feet, but poison oak taller than me and uncertainty of location made me turn back. Also tried One Hell (Gate) Of A Cache but we got to within 400 some odd feet and saw no way over to the likely location. We just went on rather than trying to go down at another spot. Being that it was raining off and on the humidity and hiking were taking a toll I knew we needed to go and find some caches if I was to succeed in recruiting a new geocacher. It was a fun day, but maybe I should have choosen a better area. Sally did say she'd like to go again so we'll see.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Misc stuff

Today is my friend Jenny's 29th birthday... Despite her claim to only be 26 I know better. One of these days I might even convince her to go geocaching... But she has fears of poison oak, snakes, and werewolves (yeah, she's a freak)

Tomorrow tickets for Paul McCartney's new tour go on sale. He'll be at the Rose Garden on Nov 4. He's getting pretty old so I can't pass up the chance to see him... if I get to go I'll have seen 1/2 of the beatles.

Also tomorrow I have a few geocaches planned to find. Should be a good time. Now I just have to wait out today.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

One last win

Blazers pulled out a final win of the season vs the Lakers. Great games by Travis Outlaw, Sabastian Telfair, and Korean sensation Ha Seung-Jin. Ha had a career high 13 points and played well down the stretch including a save/rebound in the final seconds that probably was the deciding factor in the win. This was the worst season record wise from the Blazers in my lifetime... but despite it all I am very excited about the future of this team of young guys... the three I mentioned are 20, 19 and 19 years old... they should only get better.

This weekend I will be house sitting again, but I have a few caches down the river I have saved up. Looks like a little rain may be in the forcast but otherwise might be a good weekend for those.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Rare Event

Its been a while since I've reported on the blazers... They have not had a very good season, but last night they actually won a game pretty convincingly. Only two more games left this season and it is still an odd feeling that these games will mean nothing. The last game will be against the Lakers... it would usually have playoff implications... this season neither team will be there.

As for geocaching I have now cleaned up GP again... my nearest caches are out of Rogue River in the hills... if gas prices level out they might come off my list soon.

Sunday, April 17, 2005


I got off my lazy butt today and went geocaching. Found 3 whole caches.

The Rogue Rocks
"Alternative Light"
Free Wifi 4

Wifi 4 was my first wifi cache logged on location... pretty fun but today I had trouble getting a signal sitting out front... I've done it before but this time it was really slow. So slow I only logged the one cache despite having found all 3 by that time. Sure I could have gone inside and got a better signal, but thats beyond the point.

Also this weekend I set up a store on Cafepress for Southern Oregon Geocachers merchandise.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

How to play poker

Last night was my first experience really sitting down to play poker for money... oops did I say for money? I meant as a friendly competition :)

Anyway I bought in at $25... had to buy $10 more... then I went in for $20 more. Ended up with $48 in my hands at the end for a loss of $7. I won one of the first hands and nearly doubled my money in the process... then got screwed a few hands later. I made a lot of rookie mistakes and Steve (my boss at the bank) said I was too conservative in my betting for my really good hands. Had I raised a few of those hands more I could have walked away with some money, but for my first time I thought losing $7 wasn't bad.

As for geocaching I am watching the page and even seen some new caches in Josephine County... might come up with a few this weekend depending on the weather.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


No geocaching related news today, but I should update my blog more often so todays topic will be poker. It seems like a big craze anymore since they started putting poker tournaments on TV. My old college room mate is a big poker player... always a game going at his house if you can stand the smell of pot. Personally I have little interest in it... seems like fun, but I have a lot of expensive hobbies no real need to make gambling on of them. However tonight I was invited to a poker game with some older guys from work... I figure it can only help my career advancement to go and loose some money to them. It also gives me a chance to gain free finacial advice since these guys have worked in banking and finance for years.

I'm also back to house sitting tonight, but should have most of Satuday and all of Sunday for caching if the weather is good.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

No news

With house sitting and not being able to take off for too many hours I didn't find a single cache this weekend. I do have one cache fairly close placed by a new cacher. I think sometime this week I'll go find it at lunch... until then its all work for me and more house sitting next weekend.

Friday, April 08, 2005


Well this weekend I'll be house sitting for someone I work with... so that means I won't be venturing out too far this weekend. I do have a pretty nice new cache box to hide however... If the sun comes out again I'll try to paint it up a little and search for a hiding spot.

Unlike my uncle's house this place I'll be staying has high speed internet... wireless even... that should be nice.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


I've been neglecting my blog for so long I don't know if anyone comes to read it anymore. With my new website I guess I just tend to respond there more than type here, but I'm not retiring the blog yet... I'll try to reserect it from the ashes.

Since my last log I've found two whole caches
Other People's Stuff

BDC's cache filled with other peoples stuff was a fun one. Now we know were all of those LB + MM buttons went. I picked up a LB + MM bash ribbon, a J-Freaks cup, and a rooster egg and left a wide variety of wooden nickels from cachers in Michigan, Texas, Washington and more... I also left one of my personal geocoins that didn't last in the cache for more than a couple of hours before Peanuthead got there.

I timed it just right for the pizza event to be my 600th cache. I also unvailed my new Southern Oregon Geocachers trading cards... they are just in the proto type stage... I'll work on them some more before I start releasing them into caches.