Wednesday, April 20, 2005

One last win

Blazers pulled out a final win of the season vs the Lakers. Great games by Travis Outlaw, Sabastian Telfair, and Korean sensation Ha Seung-Jin. Ha had a career high 13 points and played well down the stretch including a save/rebound in the final seconds that probably was the deciding factor in the win. This was the worst season record wise from the Blazers in my lifetime... but despite it all I am very excited about the future of this team of young guys... the three I mentioned are 20, 19 and 19 years old... they should only get better.

This weekend I will be house sitting again, but I have a few caches down the river I have saved up. Looks like a little rain may be in the forcast but otherwise might be a good weekend for those.

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LazyBoy said...

By golly I was wrong, the Blazers had one win left in them. It's good to see their highschool kids doing so well.

Now where did I live that vicodin???