Thursday, April 14, 2005

How to play poker

Last night was my first experience really sitting down to play poker for money... oops did I say for money? I meant as a friendly competition :)

Anyway I bought in at $25... had to buy $10 more... then I went in for $20 more. Ended up with $48 in my hands at the end for a loss of $7. I won one of the first hands and nearly doubled my money in the process... then got screwed a few hands later. I made a lot of rookie mistakes and Steve (my boss at the bank) said I was too conservative in my betting for my really good hands. Had I raised a few of those hands more I could have walked away with some money, but for my first time I thought losing $7 wasn't bad.

As for geocaching I am watching the page and even seen some new caches in Josephine County... might come up with a few this weekend depending on the weather.

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