Saturday, April 23, 2005

Rain and Shine

Today a friend and I went geocaching... I was introducing her to the sport and I think it made a fair impression. I don't think she is totally converted yet. I had been saving some caches down the river for a rainy day... and today lived up to it. It started raining just as we went to go and was on and off the whole trip, but quit when we did. We found 5 caches on the day

Apple for the Teacher
Almost Perfect
Hanging out in Hell
"We Love You Mom"
Will this be enough?

We also took a stab at Standing at the Gates of Hell which we got to within feet, but poison oak taller than me and uncertainty of location made me turn back. Also tried One Hell (Gate) Of A Cache but we got to within 400 some odd feet and saw no way over to the likely location. We just went on rather than trying to go down at another spot. Being that it was raining off and on the humidity and hiking were taking a toll I knew we needed to go and find some caches if I was to succeed in recruiting a new geocacher. It was a fun day, but maybe I should have choosen a better area. Sally did say she'd like to go again so we'll see.

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