Tuesday, April 05, 2005


I've been neglecting my blog for so long I don't know if anyone comes to read it anymore. With my new website I guess I just tend to respond there more than type here, but I'm not retiring the blog yet... I'll try to reserect it from the ashes.

Since my last log I've found two whole caches
Other People's Stuff

BDC's cache filled with other peoples stuff was a fun one. Now we know were all of those LB + MM buttons went. I picked up a LB + MM bash ribbon, a J-Freaks cup, and a rooster egg and left a wide variety of wooden nickels from cachers in Michigan, Texas, Washington and more... I also left one of my personal geocoins that didn't last in the cache for more than a couple of hours before Peanuthead got there.

I timed it just right for the pizza event to be my 600th cache. I also unvailed my new Southern Oregon Geocachers trading cards... they are just in the proto type stage... I'll work on them some more before I start releasing them into caches.

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