Wednesday, March 30, 2005

One cache closer

I inched one cache closer to 600 today when I found its a rock by Two Tracks. There were a few more very close caches but I was in CJ for work so I just found this one cache and walked past another close one that had a muggle too close for me to look. Muggles seem to be stopping me at a lot of caches... its a trend I don't like.

I got my wireless router and my wifi detector. Now I can surf the internet on my PDA anyplace in my home, and I can search for wifi anyplace I may be (never found a thing in CJ.) When using my wifi detector earlier I found a bluetooth conection down the street... I might have to check that out.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

No #600 this weekend

yesterday I spent half my day playing with my new PDA. I finally went geocaching and found two caches

To The Ocean

Way too many muggles at these caches for me... I've never got more funny looks my direction. Didn't even have a chance to sign either them and didn't feel like waiting all day. After that my enthusiam for caching changed to playing with my PDA. So #600 will have to wait for next weekend.

I went back to Dutch Bros today and surfed the net for a short time from all the way accross the street at the backery or whatever it is... so the range of it is pretty good, but I was pushing it. There is another spot in GP with wireless I found yesterday, but they were closed today and obviously turned off their router. As far as caches at these places I'll have to check it out better.

Saturday, March 26, 2005


I got my new PDA yesterday. UPS tried to deliver it and no one was here to pick it up (damn them for being early) lucky for me they have an option to hold the package when the truck comes back in so I was able to pick it up right after work. It is a very impresive item and I'll post a pic or two when I get my camera back (I let my dad borrow it)

I was even able to stop at a couple different places in town and get free Internet access. Hopefully I'll find a few more places. It is way to hard to park at Dutch Bros during the day... I drove around like 3 times before a spot opened.

Thursday, March 24, 2005


My PDA has been shipped. Now I just have to wait. I kind of wish I had it sent overnight now... But I really didn't need to spend that extra money just for shipping... I can wait... impatiently.

Gas prices were up today to $2.21 at Arco which is generally considered the worst gas you can buy... I'm cheap so that's were I go. Its hard to spend a few hundred on a PDA and then say that a couple cents a gallon is going to stop me from geocaching, but the price probably will effect how often I go out.

I also noticed this thread in the forums. Apparently they want to ban geocaching on all state owned cemeteries, historic properties, and archeological sites in South Carolina. I know that SC is far away from Oregon, but once they ban it in one place it is sure to spread to other states and properties.

I was also able to get one cache today. Two Towers by GPCAVEMAN who has just started logging finds and hides under his own user name. This was a pretty good one and the coords were right on. I went to look without my GPS to start and there is just too much area for that kind of search. Now I only need 5 caches for 600.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

New Stuff

Today I bought a new PDA... a Dell Axim X50v. It should be good enough to hold a few caches and a with built in Wifi I can log all of these new Wifi Caches on location. I call it a geobirthday gift to myself.

Sadly I won't have it until next week... so I won't have it for this weekend when I plan to grab cache #600. Not too sure yet what 6 caches I plan on getting. With high gas prices I'd rather hit several close together caches. With rain in the forcast I might get soaked. I suppose I don't need cache 600 on my geobirthday, but it would be nice. I'll see how things work out

Monday, March 21, 2005

Busy me

Well this is only my second blog entry in a week. With the website and other stuff I just seem to forget about my blog updates... and I was doing so good at it.

Yesterday I went with Duck and Biggieet_al to Roseburg hitting about every cache we could on the way up. I ended with 34 on the day but we visited a few I had already been to and had one no find. That leaves me just 6 caches from 600 with my geobirthday on Saturday I'm sure I'll be able to come up with 6 caches to reach the mark. So at this rate I should reach 1000 around July 2006.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Shame on me

I've been naughty and not updating my blog. Really not much exciting has been going on. I've made some trades recently for new geocoins. Should have a Face Dances as well as a Ray & Rose coin on the way. Calgary, United Kingdom, and new Texas coins should be coming soon. South Africa has produced a coin, but I have yet to be offered one. Utah is voting on designs and you can even pre-order your coins. And Colorado has been in the process of making coins for a long, long, long.... long time. The Colorado coins as I understand will be tracked by

I'm working on a new cache container... shouldn't be overly dificult but will be different.

Monday, March 14, 2005


The blazers won! What a great game to have gone too. I saw a lot of potential in the young players we have... should be interesting to see how the rest of the season goes and look forward to the next.

On the trip up I found 3 caches

exit 121
I-5 Duck-In Cache North

On the trip back I had a few I could have gone after but I didn't want to get home any later than 3am.

Sunday was Pizza Again! day and beforehand I found 3 caches. Lazyboy happened to show up at the same time to find all 3.

Hang onto your Panties
Pink Floyd Remembered
Home of the Grange

It was a pretty good weekend with a blazers win, a great event, and a few nice caches.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Count Down

Well I am now counting down the hour to the blazer game. I bought the tickets before the start of the season when I was optimistic that they might have a winning season. This season injuries have seemed to hurt Portland the most... You read in the paper about how troubled the players are and how its such a big mess. In reality they have had some troubles but the fact that every one of their forwards and centers have spent time on the injured list didn't help. And while I liked coach Cheeks personally, he made some rather questionable choices down the stretch of a lot of close games. Right now the blazers are focusing on their young players since the season is done... I'm hopeful that this extra experience will help them out next season.

I've printed a handful of Geocaches for the trip but I doubt I'll have much time for finding them. There are a lot of new caches around home to find, but they'll have to wait a while. I had hoped to hide one for the event but I haven't had the time. There just aren't enough hours in a day.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


There are a lot of new caches poping up all over. From Lost Creek to Grave Creek... by new cachers and old. Sad part is on these nice days I'm sitting at work... I suppose there are a lot of weekends for me to grab them, but its hard to sit and wait.

Website is still going well, I've made a lot of upgrades that while most of you may not notice. Some of the features like spell checking work well... while the digests still don't work at all. I probably forgot a step somewhere... after all I never read the instructions.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


I've been so busy on the website I haven't been keeping up my blog. Last night I put the finishing touches on a new photo gallery that will let all users post photo's to the site... however I checked the Forums today and Chrissyskyking + Blaze had posted a lot of info about the exact type of photo gallery that I had tried to install before. With help maybe I can get it installed... so all of my work last night may have been for nothing... oh well. We'll try it again at least I know I have a working backup.

I considered going down the river to pick up the new Iseek caches on Sunday but instead I sat at home... worked on the website... washed 2 cars... actually quite productive. This weekend I am going to a blazer game on saturday and hope I'll be able to grab a cache or 2 on the way up and back. Should be home in time for Pizza on Sunday.

Friday, March 04, 2005


The website is coming along well. I'm pretty much done messing with the forums I think. I'll probably put in some pre-loaded avitars for those who want one. Maybe I'll let Lazyboy be a forum moderator... hehe

The photo gallery is installed but doesn't work yet... I've been working on it all day it seems... should be an interesting feature once it is done... if it ever gets done. I seem to be running into a permissions problem...

Thursday, March 03, 2005


So far my new website is doing pretty good. My main problem is that I need to create a logo. I tried last night to make something, but I ended up just making a temperary logo. I'll work on it more tonight and I think the photo gallery section might be up and working soon as well. I could probably do that at work but I don't want to push my luck... I have plenty of work related things I could probably do.

Yesterday DBigDady found 54 caches in Klamath Falls... that was just my count of his logs... he might not be done. My high is 53, but I noticed of his 42 traditional caches logged I had only found 3 of them. I'm thinking its time to go back to Klamath and reclaim my record.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

New Web Site

I've created a new webite for our Southern Oregon Geocachers group. So far only the forums are ready. We'll see if it gets more use than the old yahoo group. The yahoo group will still exist, but I doubt I'll use it much.