Sunday, March 27, 2005

No #600 this weekend

yesterday I spent half my day playing with my new PDA. I finally went geocaching and found two caches

To The Ocean

Way too many muggles at these caches for me... I've never got more funny looks my direction. Didn't even have a chance to sign either them and didn't feel like waiting all day. After that my enthusiam for caching changed to playing with my PDA. So #600 will have to wait for next weekend.

I went back to Dutch Bros today and surfed the net for a short time from all the way accross the street at the backery or whatever it is... so the range of it is pretty good, but I was pushing it. There is another spot in GP with wireless I found yesterday, but they were closed today and obviously turned off their router. As far as caches at these places I'll have to check it out better.

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