Thursday, February 28, 2008

Difficulty and Terrain

I'm not sure how many of you have heard of the Fizzy Challenge. The idea is to find a cache for every D/T pairing. That is 81 caches. You must also have all the active cache types (ie traditional, muti, virtual)

Oregon has such a challege

Oregon's "Well Rounded Cacher" aka Oregon's Fizzy

I've been looking at this challege since the first one popped up in California. I need 33 more combinations to complete it. Most of them being the high terrain dificulty. I also need a CITO event and a Letterbox Hybrid cache. I've noticed a few local caches that will get me a good start on completing this. I might even go after a couple this weekend. Here is my total distribution so far.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Just short of a dozen

Today I got a late start but decided I wanted to find some caches. I took off at 3pm and had 10 caches and 2 no finds before 5pm.

I also had quite an experience at the Paradise Banjo cache. I stopped and found the cache quickly I took it a few feet to my car so I could sit everything on the hood as I signed the log when I heard someone call out "can I help you?" I looked around and saw two women standing up the hill at a nearby house. Sometimes I take the time to explain geocaching... but on this day I took the "just stopped to make a phone call" approuch as I held up my GPS... "from the bushes" she answered. Well I knew at that point I was caught so I mentioned geocaching and they knew exactly what I was talking about. In fact they may have been geocachers or knew some as soon the cache owners were contacted and asked to remove the caches... both in the area are now archived.

I think that is for the better. I am never comfortable in residential areas. Urban is one thing, but when you get to sneaking around peoples property that could lead to very uncomfortable situations. As I clean up the area I might start being a little pickier about caches and start avoiding this kind.

These were the finds for the day

Stored By The Planes
Holes Everywhere
Don't Dig
Circle The Wagons
Johnny Popper
Retirement Plan
End of Three

Monday, February 18, 2008

Bike Riding

Well I didn't get my bike fixed for nothing. I actually got out riding today. I decided today was the day to pick up the Rogue River greenway caches. I couldn't have asked for more perfect weather. I started the day with a quick stop to the bike store that fixed up my tires. I was looking for a mount for my GPS. Daveydude had a holder on one of his bikes built just perfect to hold most GPS units... I wanted one like it but they didn't have a thing. I told one of the guys where I was going riding and he told me the trail wasn't finished and hadn't even been graveled yet. Not sure what trail he was talking about as this trail is now paved from depot bridge to about a 3/4 mile from Valley of the Rogue park. Getting to stop for a cache every quarter mile made the bike ride easy. I got 7 caches on the trail and I attemped two on the way back the first I got muggled out of and the second I found without much problem. Despite having plenty of daylight left I decided I needed to go grocery shopping and come home and do some laundry. These were the finds on the day.

Another View of the New Bridge
Green Way(from the other end)
The Green Way #1 (from the other end)
The Green Way #2 (from the other end)
Cache Alone The Trail
See The Little People

Sunday, February 17, 2008

A few more

Today rather than bike riding I decided to do a bit of hiking. I started the day with a stop at the all sport park and a walk accross the pedestrian bridge for the cache Christmas Cookies. It was hidden very near the site of an old cache. Funny how new cachers seem to find the same hiding spots. I dropped off the travel bug Par Team's Pumbaa as I thought this cache in town would get it moving sooner. I rarely pick up TBs anymore, but this one had sat up in the hills for a month so I decided to try and get it moving.

After finding that cache I headed for Cathedral Hills and the newer caches there. I took the backside trail up the hill and found Clover Lawn Peak. Again this cache is very close to an old Duck cache. It was good to get out for a little hiking. I really need to do a few more like these. When my GPS zeroed out I stopped for a bit to rest and took off my backpack. I began to search and soon noticed I had sat my backpack right on the cache. After finding that one I trotted down the hill to find Outer Limits. I am only the 3rd finder so far. I made pretty good time there and back and was not as winded as I had imagined. It was a very nice area for a cache and I enjoyed the hike.

I had plans to have pizza with the family at 5 and I got off the trail just in time to find one more cache, signed. This one was easy and only required a short walk down the bikepath from a nearby parking lot. So only 4 caches on the day, but they were quality caches. I have one more day off and I plan to find a few more caches tomorrow.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Start of the weekend

Well today was the start of a 3 day weekend. It was nice and sunny. I got out for a dozen caches. I started up Granite Hill Rd then out to Hugo and down the freeway with a brief stop at the rest area. After stopping at home to log them I went out to find a few more in the redwood area. Once again I was caching with just my GPS... no hints or descriptions. Some caches I just feel a little uncomfortable searching for when I have the clue... so when I don't I often don't even stop or give up quickly. I don't log these as DNFs since I didn't give it much of a try... I had a few of those today as well.

I aslo finally got new tubes for my bicycle tires. I went for a short ride and found I am badly out of shape. But I still think I'll try riding along the greenway from Rogue River to Valley of the Rogue park and get all those caches. Maybe with frequent stops I'll be able to do it. Probably tomorrow or Monday... we'll see. I hope to find caches on each day this weekend so I need to plan a few for tomorrow.

Here were my finds for the day:

Twin Pines
Apathetic Arachnid
Introductory cache offer
All Duded Up
Take a Break
The Old Redwood
Short Stop

Monday, February 11, 2008

2 more

Sunday I decided I had time to grab a couple of caches. I grabbed a cache that I couldn't find due to muggles the day before. Then I drove out to my parents for dinner and I found one out that direction. So I only got two but with my lack of caching as of late its a pretty good number. This next weekend is a 3 day for me so if the weather is nice maybe I can get a few more. These were the finds on the day


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cache day

Yesterday I decided to take advantage of the sunshine and find a few caches. After searching for a couple I gave my uncle a call and while he had found all of then I was looking for he said he'd come along (that keeps me from having to call him for hints). So I found 14 on the day and even found a couple with rain_man_rich and ridemcowgirl who we were following for a portion of the day. These were the days finds.

Plum Crazy
Grey in Grey
In Return
It's Done
Found Item
California Here We Come
Bros. Headquarters
Three Trunks
Pig Banjo
I'll Fly Away
Pine-ing Away

There are still a lot of caches I have saved up to find in the area. Not sure if I'll get out for any today or not.