Saturday, February 23, 2008

Just short of a dozen

Today I got a late start but decided I wanted to find some caches. I took off at 3pm and had 10 caches and 2 no finds before 5pm.

I also had quite an experience at the Paradise Banjo cache. I stopped and found the cache quickly I took it a few feet to my car so I could sit everything on the hood as I signed the log when I heard someone call out "can I help you?" I looked around and saw two women standing up the hill at a nearby house. Sometimes I take the time to explain geocaching... but on this day I took the "just stopped to make a phone call" approuch as I held up my GPS... "from the bushes" she answered. Well I knew at that point I was caught so I mentioned geocaching and they knew exactly what I was talking about. In fact they may have been geocachers or knew some as soon the cache owners were contacted and asked to remove the caches... both in the area are now archived.

I think that is for the better. I am never comfortable in residential areas. Urban is one thing, but when you get to sneaking around peoples property that could lead to very uncomfortable situations. As I clean up the area I might start being a little pickier about caches and start avoiding this kind.

These were the finds for the day

Stored By The Planes
Holes Everywhere
Don't Dig
Circle The Wagons
Johnny Popper
Retirement Plan
End of Three


Dan said...

I was thinking the same thing about the same cache and other in the area.
Its like if you don't get some of these early you think twice about getting these later.
Most of this is from new cacher not know whats ok and whats not.
Happy Caching

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jason! Nice blog!
I just started a new blog and have been looking for other geocaching blogs to add to my blogroll. Please check mine out!
EMC of Northridge, CA

Anonymous said...

blazerfan said...

Added your blog to my links. I look forward to reading your updates.