Monday, June 25, 2007

One more

The last cache I found on the weekend is now active so I could log it

Those who came before us #3

That leaves me with 7 finds for the 1200 milestone. I'll be pretty busy with work the next 2 weeks so it might have to wait, but I do have a lot of local caches saved. We'll see how it goes.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

A few more

Yesterday was the Oasis In The Country event. It was a fun one with a pretty good turnout for the short notice. Depending on if anyone else wants to host I might put on the July event myself.

After the event I went with Iseek & Eyeseek2 for a few new caches

Where's John? #1
Where's John? #2
Davey come back 2

In between a couple of those we also teamed with IVHS76 and son to find a few of his new caches. We were happy to have him guiding us.

French Peak Multi
Those who came before us #1
Those who came before us #2
Those who came before us #3 (as yet unapproved, but the coords are in #1 and #2)
Bolan Creek Cache

The French Peak cache was a 11 part multi... probably the longest I have completed for just one smiley face, but I think it was meant to tease a couple of evil cachers in the area so I think maybe its fitting. Also while logging caches in the area I discovered one I forgot to log on our last cache outing.


I was hoping the the Firehouse Tour cache would be fixed in time for us to find it this weekend, but it was not to be I guess. I'm hoping the owner will give us the coords to the new final cache if it changes any.

It was a fun weekend. If the #3 cache above gets approved one of these days I'll be just 7 caches from 1200.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Sunday of Geocaching

On Sunday I got away from work for a bit of geocaching with Iseek and Daveydude. We headed toward Cave Junction with a few caches in mind and we found all but one, Firehouse Tour. You needed 6 caches to find this one... each contained a part of the coords, but someone had replaced the logbook of the second cache and not written in the coords needed. We attempted to guess and finally asked for help from Uncle Duck... the area he mentioned fit the rest of the coords perfectly (and was later confirmed correct) but we never found the cache. Didn't log a DNF as of yet because we were unsure of the coords. Beyond that I ended with 21 finds on the day and had a good time caching with friends. These were the finds for the day

Barracks 146
Cave Junction History Lesson #1
Where'd J'rome?
Rocky View
Not the Dump #1
Not the Dump #2
Not the Dump #3
Not the Dump #4
Not the Dump #5
Not the Dump #6
Not the Dump #7
Not the Dump #8
Firehouse Station Two
Firehouse Station Three
Firehouse Station Four
Firehouse Station Five
Firehouse Station Six