Monday, October 31, 2005


I figure its time to make my weekly blog update. Maybe soon I'll get into the habit of updating every day again. There have been a few geocaches hidden around here latley and I've even driven by one of them and not bothered to stop.

This is a short work week for me as I took Friday off so I can go see Paul McCartney. I've had the tickets for months... bought them on April 23rd... thats a lot of waiting. Of course my favorite of the Beatles was George, who only toured once in my lifetime... 1992 in Japan, but last week they released The Concert for Bangladesh on DVD. George, Ringo, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Billy Preston, Badfinger and Leon Rusell. Would have been a great concert to see in person... after watching it and the interviews included I'm a little disapointed that I didn't go see Leon Rusell when he was at the Rogue Theater last year.

If I didn't mention it earlier I recently got my own office at the bank... So to decorate I bought this great framed print called A Friend In Need... for those not familier with fine art it is probably the most famous of C.M. Coolidge's paintings of dogs playing poker :)

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Well after years of neglect I went to the dentist a total of 6 times this month. Today I got a filling and ended my trips until next year. I spent about 90 minutes there today but half of that time was waiting. Actually it wasn't that bad... I'll have some soup today and eventually I should be back to normal.

Tuesday I called to redeem the blazer tickets I won. I have no clue where we are sitting but the game will be Nov 5th (the home opener). Sally and I were already going up to see Paul McCartney on the 4th so we'll get to spend back to back evenings at the Rose Garden. I can't wait I'm really looking forward to both events. It will probably be pretty easy to talk her into a geocache or two as well :)

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Blazer game

went and saw the Blazers yesterday as we picked up free tickets for the game. It was just a pre-season game so it doesn't matter but the blazers pretty much sucked it up. It was still fun and I got a chance to do something I never dreamed of before... when walking around the Rose Garden looking for something to eat this guy come up to me and says "hey Oregon State" refering to my t-shirt... then he asked if I'd like to participate in a contest on the court just after the first quarter... so I got to go out on the court and ride a tricycle around a couple of times (I came in second to my friend Dave who was also picked because he was there) It was a blast... and despite how well we did in the race we all won the same prize, tickets to a future game. I have to call some lady and get my seats so I don't know when I'll go yet.

Friday, October 21, 2005


I've been stuck at the bank until 7pm for three nights in a row.... tonight it is almost 8pm and I'm still here.

I also went to the Dentist for the fifth time this month... just for cleaning... this lady scraped on my teeth worse that all the others... I'm still bleeding... and not just a little like last time.

Tomorrow I am going to the Blazers pre-season game with my friend Dave. That should be cool.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Well I have neglected my blog for over a week. I usually do updates at work, but this was a busy week and I just really didn't have much to say.

Haven't done any geocaching lately. Did buy a new binder for all my geocoins today... we'll see how well it works.

Been looking at my poker table a lot but haven't actually done any work on it. I don't want to screw it up... and I think that could happen pretty easy. I've been wondering if I shouldn't just take it to an upolstry shop and have them finish it up for me... wonder how much that would cost? Building it was no problem... use of power tools is just second nature... fabric, foam and sewing however is another story.

Saturday, October 08, 2005


Well today was Geo Pizza XXXII in Roseburg. Sure Roseburg is a little out of the Rogue Valley but it was pretty fun. Cachers from all over... Bend, Albany, Portland... it was quite a turnout.

Found a number of other caches on the day and ran into Iseek & Eyeseek2, Riddlers, GlenMart, FiveDucks, and Mitchell's Ark at different caches around town.

Now we need to figure out where the November pizza event will be... just have to make sure to schedule it on one of Lazy's dive weekends... hahaha

Thursday, October 06, 2005

My poor suffering blog

Well I have been bad at writing new blog entries. Not a whole lot is going on. I'm not going to post a pic of my hair until after this weekends event... so everyone who shows up gets the first laugh.

Looks like there will be plenty of new caches in Roseburg to find. I hope the weather is nice.

Monday, October 03, 2005


Well over the weekend I had a bout of silliness and decided to turn my hair blond. It is now very different... as soon as it grows back to normal I think I'm done with hair changes for a long while.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Cache day

despite the early rain Sally and I went out and found a few caches and went by the coin show today. Caches found were

Do Waves and Water go together?
Cat in the Hat #3
Home of the Nuggets

We also visited Starlite Water which I had previously found.

The coin show actually was surprising as the number of tables was way more than last year. I saw several coins I wouldn't mind having. Some day I might invest a little more in my US coin collection. Right now my collection is pretty cheap... and while I can it might pay to collect a few nicer coins.