Sunday, April 23, 2006


As I typed my last entry my other cache was reviewed... so here they are

GC102 - Geocaching Basics II
GC121 - Over Used Hiding Spots

Nice days

Well I didn't fully take advantage of these nice days but I did go and look at some of my caches and ended up archiving a couple in Fish Hatchery park. I considered hiding new ones but there is a $2 parking fee now... more on this in a later blog entry.

So to make up for lost caches I hid two new ones in another location... one has been published and the other shouldn't be far behind.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

90 more

Well I found one cache yesterday after work

Gilbert Creek Park

That leaves me with 90 more for 1000 finds.

Last night was also the last blazer game of the season. It was their worst season since 1971-72. I haven't mentioned them much this year in an attempt not to be overly critical... all teams go through ups and downs and Portland has been increadibly lucky to have had such a long stretch of playoff apperiences. Even with the bad play I risked my neck in an ice storm just to see a game and watched nearly everygame on TV. Hopefully there will be positive news to blog about this summer and into next season.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Well yesterday was another fun pizza event. It was also SallyC's birthday. So what kind of weather did we order up for this great day? Rain of course. We found several caches and were soaked by pizza time. Finds for the day included

Egg Hunt
Another Egg Hunt
Olivia's 2 Cache
Pipe it!
Moneys worth!
Is Wally Home?
The Pits

It was a fun day, and as a bonus I discovered my friend Kristen Kristen works at the sub shop.

Friday, April 14, 2006


Well last night after work was another poker night. Normally I'd go home for a minute and come back, but since the game was at 6pm and with the bridge construction I decided I'd find a cache or two first. So I found

Redwood Grove in Grants Pass

I was kindof focussed on one area so it took me a while. After that I went off to the poker game. I'll admit after some early success I haven't done so great in my last couple of games. Last night I came out $47 ahead... not bad.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Well since uncle Duck hid a cache within feet of my office I decided to grab it for my 900th and another FTF.

New Playground Clothes Required

He includes the whole story as to why this park was expanded in 3 short days.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Seven Feathers

Well over the weekend I went to Seven Feathers Casino. I was given a free ticket to the Herman's Hermits concert and went with some friends from work. Played some blackjack and despite going down early I eventually came out $2.50 ahead... almost a gallon of gas.... not bad.

Monday, April 03, 2006

899 and counting

Got back from Bend Yesterday without a clue at how many caches I had... turned out I was just one short of 900. We had at least 4 no finds over the weekend that could have pushed the count up.

On Saturday SallyC and I drove all over Central Oregon collecting sections for the Oregon DeLorme Challenge. We went from Brothers to Prineville, to Madras, down to Redmond and back to Bend all before the event. Our finds for the day:

Sylvester's Fool -a- Palooza
Sylvester's Bar & Grill
Through The Dale
Fair & Square
Neo's coolest weapon
Willow Creek Bison Cache
Westside Madras
Canyon Beloooooooow!

On Sunday we took off for home taking a northern route to Springfield. Stopping for just a few caches along the way. We made a brief stop in Eugene for lunch and to the museum to view a 10,000 year old sandal. Then we stopped for a couple caches in Curtin and Drain before calling it a weekend. Finds for the day include:

You've got mail
McKenzie Airstrip
Would you like to adopt me?
I'll Pass
Under Cover

I now have 34 of 76 sections needed for the challenge.