Friday, December 31, 2021

Last Day of 2021

I thought about stopping this tradition and letting this old blog slip away into the murking waters of forgotten internet where old blogs go to die, but here I am with one more yearly update. Just as a tribute to a couple of fine geocachers we lost in 2021. Kelly aka BIGGIEET_AL and my aunt Diane the second half of Duck-n-Deedy

Kelly was the first geocacher I ever met in the "wild" and we had a lot of great adventures together. I don't know how many caches we found together but he was with me for a couple of my biggest days. The last geocache I hid I named after him, "Kelly" Bigelow Lake partly in tribute and partly as a jab that I knew he'd probably never go look for it. It had been a while since I had seen him, but I imagined I would again. Gone far too early.

Here's a nice picture of Kelly logging a cache while DaveyDude examines some trade item.

Aunt Diane I have known my whole life, and with Uncle Duck we also found many geocaches. It's hard to imagine she's gone. The last facebook message I got from her was about Kelly's death. Her favorite part of geocaching was probably our pizza events. Again gone way too soon.

Here she is trying to get out of the way of my picture