Saturday, April 16, 2011

A new project... not geocaching related

A while back I saw a blog about refurbishing an old Telephone bench. I liked the idea a lot as I enjoy old things, and I remember my grandparents having one. Today the idea of having a desk and chair devoted to your telephone seems very strange. I don't even have a home phone... just my cell.

So I was looking for something about the same style as my grandparents had and finally found one on craigslist... but it was in Corvallis. I had a friend of mine buy it, and used it as a good excuse to go visit.

Initially I sanded it and tried to stain it a bit darker. Because it was made of two different kinds of wood this looked very uneven. So I ended up painting it black and recovered the seat. Add in an old rotary phone and this is how it looks now

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Event and State of Jefferson Challenge

Today was the April Geocaching Fools Party. Nice to have another event. We use to have them a bit more regular.

I talked to the "Evil" DrDan52000 and he was asking about the State of Jefferson Counties Challenge. This is a map of the Counties you must complete

All caches must be found after 06/17/2009.