Monday, September 05, 2016

Alaska--- the conclusion

Day 4 Glacier Bay:

The reason we picked this particular cruise was that it was the only one for Carnival going to Glacier Bay. Other cruises would go to Tracy Fjord which I'm sure is nice. Glacier Bay just happens to have more glaciers and is a national park so we figured if this could be our only visit we might as well see it.

It was nice and sunny (glacier melting weather.) Had a great time watching for whales and looking at the glaciers. Whale watching was probably one of the things I enjoyed most about the trip. If I had it to do again I might have tried to book a whale watching excursion from one of the ports.

Day 5 Ketchikan:

Ketchikan seemed to be the most familiar of the stops to me. Sure it was the same tourist trap shops, but they also had a shuttle to Wal-Mart and the convenience store sections had a lot more normal stuff (I'll be it very expensive.) I guess it made me feel I like I was on the edge of civilization again.

My mom and sister took the shuttle to Wal-Mart so while they did I took the time to find a multi cache.

Rene's B-day Totem Pole Multi

This one took you to several totem poles. I would have preferred a cache each, but I took what I could get. Took a walk down to Creek Street which was the old Red Light district. Found this cache


Once the family was back we walked around a little more. Took a tour of Dolly's Brothel.

Then we said goodbye to Alaska as we boarded the ship.

Day 6 Victoria:

After most of a day at see we arrived in Victoria rather late in the day. We took one of the buses downtown and too picture and looked for caches till it was dark

Whats Cooking?
Sunken Garden
You Rock, Victoria!

We didn't have very long. Got back to the ship and we were back in Seattle in the morning. We just got up and got moving.

The End

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Alaska... continued

I left off at...

Day 3 Skagway:

Skagway was our port with the longest stay. We decided to rent a car and drive into Canada. The ship was in port when we woke up and after a bit of breakfast we made our way off the ship. We picked up the rental car and started our trip.

Just after crossing the border we took some picture at the crossing and then I found this cache

International Falls & Border - Alaska/BC

It was my first cache in Canada, yet we hadn't yet stopped at the border crossing.

We continued up the road stopping at the Yukon Suspension Bridge and these two caches

Just South of 60 - South Klondike Highway

Lean on Me

We got to our destination of Carcros where we had lunch and I found one more cache

Tutshi Memorial

We continued up to Emerald Lake and just as we went to turn around we spotted a bear at the side of the road. We took a few pictures of him. Even got out of the car at what seemed like a safe distance. Didn't really notice he was a grizzley until examining the pictures later.

The trip back was fairly uneventful. We looked around at the old grave yard and a lot of the shops. Back at the ship I found one more virtual

Skagway cliffs

To be concluded...