Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Last Day of 2019

Another year and another blog post. Like all years there was good and bad, but mostly I can't complain. It had good moments like the Blazers playoff run last season and bad moments like the entire start of this season. I spent a whole day in the ER with a kidney stone, but at least I wasn't dying like I thought I could be when it started. I was able to find a lot of great tokens for my collection. Didn't find a single geocache, I did sort of look for one last week... so maybe one day I'll try it again.

Highlights for the year include:
  • Seven years of Blazers Season Tickets (despite the bad start)
  • 2nd Cruise to Alaska
  • 12 Grants Pass tokens added to the collection
  • This Star Wars wasn't as bad of a dumpster fire as the last (On second thought, it was worse)
  • Lost about 30 pound (though the holidays may have added some back)
No geocaches found so I can't list the best ones. I still haven't archived all of mine, but will be cleaning them up.

I've got some goals for 2020. Read more, hike more, explore more and eat more. Maybe I'll see you out there.