Sunday, October 22, 2006

New Challenge

Yesterday my 50th cache hide was approved. It was several weeks in planning and took a special exception from our local approver, but here it is

blazerfan & SallyC's Revenge

The cache requires you to have 2 finds in each National Forest in Oregon. Ok, actually Klamath National Forest extends into Oregon as well... but I excluded it because there aren't many caches in that section. I hope it is a unique enough challenge to get a few people out and about toward finding it. I realize the cache is about the same as other challenges and requires you to "start over" as it were, but yet I think it will require cachers to see a bit more of the "wild" parts of Oregon. I'm still deciding on a FTF prize.

In an effort to get more Oregon cachers working on the DeLorme challenge I posted about it in the PDX and EVC forums. EVC has had no response... their forum seems pretty dead right now much like the sogeo forum. The PDX forum however... I don't even know what to say besides that I'm disapointed. Most of the responses seemed kind of negative. Maybe I'm just being overly sensitive on the issue. My hope is that in the silent majority of cachers reading these forums that I've sparked the interest of a couple of them. I think people should have as many excuses as posable to get out and see the state... not that any excuse should even be needed.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Cache 77, The Final

Well Saturday SallyC and I headed to the coast to get the final for the Oregon Delorme Challenge. After a bit of searching Sally found it and we found a few more around town and had some Fish & Chips to celebrate. It was definately a big undertaking, despite my having about a third of the map sections done before we actually decided to try completing this cache I actually revisited every section this year.

We also found a cache in every county, but our cache in Umatilla County didn't qualify for Counting Counties in Oregon. With how careful we were I'm still wondering how we missed that one. Time constraints kept us from searching out multiple caches for each county and map section... once we found one we moved on. Oh well, its just a game.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

76 caches

Yesterday SallyC and I completed all the sections for the Oregon DeLorme Challenge. Now all that remains is finding the final cache and signing the logbook. We started the challenge back in February or so by picking up some of the closer sections that Sally didn't have. I had about 26 when we started. We pretty much completed it in 4 parts

Mar 31-Apr 2 we cached around Bend (8 sections)
May 19-22 completed every section west of I-5 (17 sections)
Sep 16-27 drove all over eastern Oregon (21 sections)
Oct 7 found our last sections toward Diamond Lake (4 sections)

Its been fun... sometimes we might have pushed ourselves a bit too much trying to fit everything in, but I know I saw many different parts of Oregon. Now that it is nearly over I'm not sure what we'll do next.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Recent events

Saturday was 3rd. Annual Pizza By The Riverside hosted by Iseek and Eyeseek2. Great event with a turnout of over 50 people. Many local cachers were missing so that number could have been even higher. It was by far our biggest local event ever.