Monday, October 16, 2006

Cache 77, The Final

Well Saturday SallyC and I headed to the coast to get the final for the Oregon Delorme Challenge. After a bit of searching Sally found it and we found a few more around town and had some Fish & Chips to celebrate. It was definately a big undertaking, despite my having about a third of the map sections done before we actually decided to try completing this cache I actually revisited every section this year.

We also found a cache in every county, but our cache in Umatilla County didn't qualify for Counting Counties in Oregon. With how careful we were I'm still wondering how we missed that one. Time constraints kept us from searching out multiple caches for each county and map section... once we found one we moved on. Oh well, its just a game.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on completing the Delorme Challenge!!! That sounds like a fun and a lot of work. I did a little searching and I don't see a Delorme Challenge for Arkansas so maybe I will set one up for my state. There is one for Oklahoma and Missouri. I am in the northwest corner of Arkansas and only a few minutes from OK or MO so I may attempt those states soon.