Sunday, October 08, 2006

76 caches

Yesterday SallyC and I completed all the sections for the Oregon DeLorme Challenge. Now all that remains is finding the final cache and signing the logbook. We started the challenge back in February or so by picking up some of the closer sections that Sally didn't have. I had about 26 when we started. We pretty much completed it in 4 parts

Mar 31-Apr 2 we cached around Bend (8 sections)
May 19-22 completed every section west of I-5 (17 sections)
Sep 16-27 drove all over eastern Oregon (21 sections)
Oct 7 found our last sections toward Diamond Lake (4 sections)

Its been fun... sometimes we might have pushed ourselves a bit too much trying to fit everything in, but I know I saw many different parts of Oregon. Now that it is nearly over I'm not sure what we'll do next.

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Uncle said...

You've both busted your butts going after this cache. I haven't got the energy to grab the one a couple of miles away from my front door. Way to go!