Sunday, June 24, 2007

A few more

Yesterday was the Oasis In The Country event. It was a fun one with a pretty good turnout for the short notice. Depending on if anyone else wants to host I might put on the July event myself.

After the event I went with Iseek & Eyeseek2 for a few new caches

Where's John? #1
Where's John? #2
Davey come back 2

In between a couple of those we also teamed with IVHS76 and son to find a few of his new caches. We were happy to have him guiding us.

French Peak Multi
Those who came before us #1
Those who came before us #2
Those who came before us #3 (as yet unapproved, but the coords are in #1 and #2)
Bolan Creek Cache

The French Peak cache was a 11 part multi... probably the longest I have completed for just one smiley face, but I think it was meant to tease a couple of evil cachers in the area so I think maybe its fitting. Also while logging caches in the area I discovered one I forgot to log on our last cache outing.


I was hoping the the Firehouse Tour cache would be fixed in time for us to find it this weekend, but it was not to be I guess. I'm hoping the owner will give us the coords to the new final cache if it changes any.

It was a fun weekend. If the #3 cache above gets approved one of these days I'll be just 7 caches from 1200.

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