Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cache day

Yesterday I decided to take advantage of the sunshine and find a few caches. After searching for a couple I gave my uncle a call and while he had found all of then I was looking for he said he'd come along (that keeps me from having to call him for hints). So I found 14 on the day and even found a couple with rain_man_rich and ridemcowgirl who we were following for a portion of the day. These were the days finds.

Plum Crazy
Grey in Grey
In Return
It's Done
Found Item
California Here We Come
Bros. Headquarters
Three Trunks
Pig Banjo
I'll Fly Away
Pine-ing Away

There are still a lot of caches I have saved up to find in the area. Not sure if I'll get out for any today or not.


cosmiccowgirl said...

Wow, I wish I had gotten 14 finds over the weekend. Sounds like fun! We used to live in Southern Oregon, if you are headed to GW6 we should meet and talk about the area! We lived in Klamath and went up to the Ashland area a lot. Now we are in Tx but I am flying up for GW6 with my oldest son. Our gc name is "hardings". Keep on caching!

blazerfan said...

I will be at GW6 if all goes well. So hope to see you there.