Wednesday, April 13, 2005


No geocaching related news today, but I should update my blog more often so todays topic will be poker. It seems like a big craze anymore since they started putting poker tournaments on TV. My old college room mate is a big poker player... always a game going at his house if you can stand the smell of pot. Personally I have little interest in it... seems like fun, but I have a lot of expensive hobbies no real need to make gambling on of them. However tonight I was invited to a poker game with some older guys from work... I figure it can only help my career advancement to go and loose some money to them. It also gives me a chance to gain free finacial advice since these guys have worked in banking and finance for years.

I'm also back to house sitting tonight, but should have most of Satuday and all of Sunday for caching if the weather is good.

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LazyBoy said...

So did they take all your money last night?