Saturday, March 15, 2008

13 Minute Mile

Sorry about my delay in reporting on my mile run progress. First the run was scheduled for Thursday, but I had to cancel because my brother had a birthday party that I spaced out on. I was accused of delay tactics. So we rescheduled for Friday and it was cold and rainy, but we decided it would be a rain or shine event. This was a big deal at work. We probably had 20 people plus spouses come down to watch us run.

I clipped off my first lap in good time, but when I turned the corner of lap two my poor left calf just decided to seize up on me. I tried to stretch it out, but I was already done for... I walked the corners and tried jogging the straightaways best I could for a time of 12:55. Even if my calf was alright I think one more lap and I would have been too winded to run anymore. Kyle who was my running partner on this day finished in just over 8 minutes... of course he's 20 and runs on his treadmill occasionally. He still did very well for someone who never ran like that before. I was impressed.

So I have set a goal for myself... I want to be able to run a 6 minute mile again. Over the next few weeks I plan to work my way back into running. Hopefully soon I'll be able to run that 9 minute mile and work my way down from there. I've already told Kyle my plans to hold another Big Run event and he is in for it... we also inspired a couple of others to give it a try. So I'll try to keep everyone up to date on my progress.


tonka_boy said...

Too bad about the run. But, out of defeat comes victory. Your decision to get back into running, makes it all worth while. We'll be hitting the road as soon as it warms up a few degrees. The Mrs is determined to do a couple of 5Ks this summer.

Dan said...

When I heard that you were doing and 9 minute mile. Way cool maybe I should not hike with you, you will run off.
In the days of old I could run 3, six minute miles LOL.
Last year I starter walking at the track and if I walked as hard as I could, the best I could do was about 15 minutes, that was till I broke my arch in my right foot. So I started riding the bike, I do about 50 to 60 miles a week when its not raining out.
There is this 11 year old in Seattle who just started running and he can do a 4:53 minute mile. Saw it in the new last we.
At your age, you will bounce back pretty quick.

cosmiccowgirl said...

I just started running again myself. Done it on and off since my cross country days in school, but I haven't been working hard at it this year. Last year I did a 5K and then just quit running until the past couple of weeks. I used to say that geocaching was my primary form of exercise, but from the look of my middle, it's not doing a good enough job. I am setting some time goals myself. Kudos to you, and let's both keep at it!