Thursday, June 29, 2006

Big draft day

Well the Trail Blazers had a big draft day making 6 trades. To start the blazers had picks 4, 30 and 31.

Trade 1:
Sebastian Telfair and Theo Ratlif to Boston for pick #7, Raef LeFrentz, and Dan Dickau

Trade 2:
Pick #4 and Viktor Kryapa to Chicago for pick #2

Trade 3:
Traded pick #7 and cash to Minnesota for pick #6

Trade 4:
Aquired pick 27 from Phoenix for cash

Trade 5:
Traded pick 31 to Indiana for pick 45 and 2 future second round picks

Trade 6:
Traded pick 45 to Memphis for a future second round pick

Ok after that confusion they ended up with 4 first round choices
#2 LaMarcus Aldridge
#6 Brandon Roy
#27 Sergio Rodriguez
#30 Joel Freeland

Those last two are foreign players that may spend the next couple of seasons playing in Europe. Aldridge and Roy were big draft prospects and I was excited to get both of them. Many fans wanted Adam Morrison... I would have been ok with him or Roy. But to get 2 of the top choices was big for us. Of course only time will tell if all of the moves they made will pay off, but it should be fun to watch these guys for a few years. Once the season schedule comes out I'll have to see what games I can go to.

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