Saturday, June 17, 2006


I had grand plans today of going to Medford and not stopping till I found 43 caches to put me at 999 so I could be ready for the big 1k tomorrow. The day started out with me wanting to sleep in. Then I got up and found a new email about my 10 year class reunion... they sent a list of who hadn't been contacted at it was over half the class I bet (I don't think they searched very hard) anyway I suppose I could have responded later, but I went through the list and decided who I could contact for them. Then my dad called and asked me to bring him some clamps because he just bought a new canopy for his truck at a yard sale... anyway after all that I went caching.

4 of the first 7 caches I searched for where no finds for one reason or another... not a good start. I ended with 12 and decided to go to the bookstore and then to buy my dad a fathers day gift. Might try it again tomorrow. Finds for the day included

Fire and Water
Ben Hur Two
Old Stage Turn
Stack 'em Up
Going up?
Friendly Friends
Dead End Street
Opposite a Lighthouse
Abraham Lincoln Wetlands
Popular Place

Now just 32 caches from 1000

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