Thursday, February 03, 2005

Peanuthead's latest cache on Roxy Ann Peak has led to a new Lazyboy cache called Get Your Butt Back Up Here Peanuthead. Which now gives me 4 caches up on Roxy to find. I plan to venture up there and find them all soon.

Starting tomorrow I will be house sitting for one of my other uncles... my blog will either suffer for the next few days or I'll be really bored and sit on his laptop with a dialup connection typing all night.


LazyBoy said...

Are you still thinking about going up there this weekend or what's the deal? I can use the exercise so let me know, maybe I can make it.

blazerfan said...

I doubt it will be this weekend. I'll let you know when I plan on going just in case you're up for the trip.