Sunday, February 06, 2005

Super Bowl

Today I went to watch the Super Bowl with a couple of guys from work. There are around 50 employees of Home Valley Bank and only 7 are men... so us guys have to stick together. New England held on to win... but not before they let the Eagles get within 3 and therefore losing my bet (I had NE by 7) so I lost $10. Then again the bet was with my boss and losing money to your boss isn't the worst thing you can do.

Around 10am this morning I went outside to get the paper and mail I had forgotten to get the night before and it was snowing! Funny how it can be so nice on one day and snow the next. Actually it didn't turn out to be a bad day, but I didn't find the time to get my nearest cache... which is actually even closer than normal while I am staying here accross town.

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