Saturday, February 05, 2005

Great caching weather

Well here I sit at my uncles laptop with a 56k connection typing away at my blog at a quarter till 11 at night. House sitting isn't all that bad besides the slow internet... I make up for that by sitting in the hot tub. Besides internet there is one more problem... before he left my uncle said "eat anything in the house you want" and I thought OK thats pretty nice... well it turns out that I wouldn't feed a lot of the food in this place to the dog. Its probaby one of my aunt's diet ideas... if you have nothing good to eat then you won't be tempted to eat it... and its working... so far.

Well early this morning I got a call from uncle Duck... the message was get away from that dial up internet and lets go geocaching. Sounded good to me so we went off and I ended up with 10 caches on the day which I will now, painfully, take the time to link to

So I thought Why Not??
Rocky's Cache
I-5 Watch your step
Mugger's Alley
End of Agates
Eagle Point Golf Community
Cheap Seats
Dive In 2
Espey wildlife Station
Horsin' Around

We met up with Lazyboy at Dive In 2 and went out to lunch with him. That new cache should really be a source of ammusment for everyone who works there.

It was a good day with just the right mix of good and lame caches. I really should get out and hide a couple soon so that everyone else has something to enjoy.

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