Tuesday, February 01, 2005

New Caches

I looked at the newest caches today and noticed Uncle Duck had 3 new Micros in town. At lunch I stopped and grabbed Why Not 2 and Why Not 3. I was First Finder on #2 just beating out BIGGIEET_AL who pulled in just as I was walking up. Since I had yet to turn on my GPS I parked quite a distance away... turned out that I needed my car to blocked the view of nearby muggles. So when Kelly pulled in it was a big help. Always fun to grab a cache or two at lunch. There is still one more to be found so I'll have to get up there soon. Also there are a couple of new I-5 caches by DrDan52000... and even a new one by Peanuthead. I might have to get out and hide one too...

1 comment:

LazyBoy said...

I'm busy until about 1:30 or 2 sunday afternoon.

Wanna go up Roxy and try for them both?