Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Good Grief!

Friends of the drunken teen that hit and killed local geocacher defiant8 were recently arrested for burglary and evading police while up here for the funeral. Just goes to show what kind of crowd this kid hung with.

I've heard a lot of rumors of the accident being a game that some kids from Ashland play... they drive though Medford at 100 MPH and get the police to chase them while another groups follows behind video taping it. Police had seized a video of the incident. Its a real shame that a father of 3 who seemed like a generally good guy had to die because of the stupidity of these little punks. In my opinion if the video taping story is true every one of them should be held accountable and be put in jail.

On a side note I learned that if someone writes the initials DPM in their log it means that your cache sucks so bad that they don't have the heart to tell you in english. I think some forum users just need to find a new hobby... I mean seriously a French code word for lame caches? Lame!

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