Friday, January 28, 2005


Iseek and I have decided to postpone our trip to Grants Pass Peak until Sunday. We had planned on tomorrow, but the chances are good for rain. Sunday should be nice and dry and I hope to take some pictures from the top for everyone to enjoy.

I've been thinking a lot about some of my caches that don't get visited often. I'm thinking of archiving them and then replacing them in the same general area. I'll leave Roxy and Taylor Camp Cache in place but all my others are up for relocation. I have several containers sitting around and a few ideas of places to hide them... I just need the time.

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LazyBoy said...

I have archived a couple of my seldom visited caches and a couple of people expressed unhappiness.

I'm mixed on if you should archive them or not to be honest. It seems a waste of a container on one hand but if they're decent finds maybe they need to be left intact for the 1 or 2 visitors they'll get each year.

But I like new caches too. OK, this post made no sense at all :)