Saturday, January 15, 2005

I like Pizza

Today was a good day for geocaching. I found a few caches earlier today with Duck and BIGGIEET_AL.

Up a Creek
A Beach in Ruch???
The Pit Stop
Things in the Sky
Bunny Meadows
A Touch of History
Little Bean's Four
Penny for your thoughts, have a nickel instead!
South of the border
Billy Goats Gruff
Shotglass and Bug Bar Cache

After all the cache finding then it was time for Pizza. My second event had a pretty good turnout. in attendance were Lazyboy & Mitey Mite, Duck-n-Deedy, Peanuthead, ChrissySkyking + Blaze, drdan5200, BIGGIEET_AL, Iseek & Eyeseek2, Fresh_Meat, geniustara, Mailleman, Mailleboy, HappyBunny, and mommieJo

Overall it was a good time and I look forward to the next event.

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