Tuesday, January 11, 2005

New Readers

Ever since Lazyboy put a link in his blog I've noticed a lot more hits on my blog. Sadly I have very little new or interesting to say geocaching wise... but really neither does lazyboy... so for all of you out there reading this thank you and feel free to comment.

Today is another of those days when it is sunny outside and I'm stuck at work. Its still plenty cold out but I could manage a cache or two today if I wasn't working. Looking at the calendar earlier today I noticed that I will have this Monday off for MLK day. The weather channel forcast has Monday showing "few showers" and "Partly Cloudy" for Saturday and Sunday so it looks like this weekend will bring my first finds of the new year.

I recently ordered some new Idaho geocoins. It has quite a different design than other state geocoins, and many of them will be etched with user names. I had mine left blank, and it will be interesting to see how they turn out.

There are a lot of new geocoins in the works including UK, Colorado and a new coin for Texas. Plus a few personal geocoins are in design and production. This should be a good year for geocoins.

And the Blazers won last night! Changes to the starting lineup seem to have helped some. Telfair did not start but it is only a matter of time... this kid is good... the last time I was this excited about a rookie was Jermain O'Neil who was traded off and is now an all-star who enjoys punching Detroit fans.

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