Thursday, January 20, 2005

my oh my

The Blazers lost again. It wasn't a bad game... they played hard and were short yet another player when Theo Ratliff couldn't play. I've been thinking back and can't remember a time with injuries to so many key players... not that they were playing all that great with them.

As for geocaching the forcast has changed a bit with some showers but it still looks like mid 50's for the weekend.

There has been a lot of talk in the forums lately about forum regulars intimidating others from posting. I think there is probably some truth to it... after all the forums are a community all to themselves. My opinion is that the useless chit chat posts in most topics are what intimidate people... you can post an opinion in a topic just to find the conversation pushed 2 pages forward soon after... it can get cumbersome to read especially when most of it is meaningless. So the influence of regular forum users is really "all about the numbers." The vast quantities of posts that are produced make new users question why they should reply. Really its sad that I've thought about this that much... I'd much rather be out finding caches... I need to find a way to retire and travel the globe. Maybe I can have my own show on the Discovery channel "Geocaching the Globe with blazerfan"

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