Friday, January 07, 2005


Some people are never happy. Today in the forums was a well known cacher bitching because an out of town cacher hid 7 new micro caches in the area. The cacher in question actually has a home in the area and currently all 7 caches are unfound. What kills me is not only did they complain about lame micros before they even bothered to look for them but the complainer is a top seller of micro containers and supplies.

I've been known to hide my share of lame micros... I have a couple under guard rails... one under a lamp post cover... not terribly challenging but yet I find them fun. Most of the time when I go caching I prepare myself for the type of finds I expect... I expect regular caches when I'm out in the woods and micros when I'm in town... and a little of everything in between.

I once took a several week break from the forums and it might be time to do so again... it is such a negative place.

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LazyBoy said...

I wish I hadn't missed that thread because I like taking shots at that whiney bitch CoyoteRed. I'd buy some of his micro containers but I'd hate to have him bitch about me on the forums. Oh who am I kidding, I'm not buying anything and I like people bitching about me!!!