Thursday, January 13, 2005

New and interesting

With all my new readership I'm feeling the pressure of trying to write something new each day to keep people coming back. Lazyboy has icicles hanging off his ass to report and all I've got is that I forgot my GPS so I won't be grabbing a cache today at lunch. Other than that I've had a lot of toner cartridges to replace at work, and a printer transfer kit... and a dumb old typewritter that went bad. Dealing with printers is a pain in the butt. Not to mention how pointless I think the 6 typewritters in this bank are... we might need one or 2 even but 6? Thats one for every 5 employees... mainly for typing an envelope that they could just put into one of our 7 lazer printers... why we have 7 printers is another story all together. But if I wrote too much about work I know nobody would read this.

Looks like Lazyboy couldn't find the end of the road. Its one of 3 newer caches in that area all hidden by new cachers as well. Good to see some hides from new cachers. Maybe they will make it to one of our pizza events as well.

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