Saturday, January 29, 2005

Odd cache log

I went to check out my Wilderville Cemetery cache today. The cache location filled with water and the contents were soaked. Fishgoofus placed a rock in the spot so the cache was above water and Two Tracks replaced the log book. So today I cleaned it up a bit and took the soaked logbook. Since there was a missing travel bug I took the wet log book apart looking for a mention of someone taking it (it was taken by Oregon Trailers Cachers) but I also found this log

The Wildman
You are at my Fathers
grave + my dog
Ocean. Please don't
step on his grave.
if any of you friends
have taking a
crystal from my
fathers grave please
give it back (Wildman)

The location also featured a new painted stone (name and dates) which I looked at but thought nothing of until I saw this log because it wasn't there before. Now I wonder if I should return and remove this cache. Any advice?

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